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Non Med​ical Staffing Agency 

Our Mission Statement

To respectfully and compassionately meet the needs of our patient and their families, by listening, planning, educating, and delivering the highest quality of individualized home non medical homeware.


Our strategic vision is to create and sustain a leading high quality home healthcare service that supports individuals to live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own homes.

We personalize our services to meet your situation respectfully, efficiently, and compassionately, fostering independence, preserving dignity and improving quality of life.


Everyone assists with the creation of an environment where integrity, respect, innovation, initiative, and empowerment are valued and encouraged. We will be an open, innovative, and continuous learning company that compassionately supports the individuals we serve. In supporting our mission, vision and teamwork approach, we place high value on:

Integrity, Honesty and Ethical Behavior

Dedication to Empowerment of others and personal responsiveness

Professional Excellence and High Performance

Mutual Respect, Individual Dignity, and Diversity

Team Member Participation, Contribution, and Teamwork

Growth, Development, and Leadership

We understand that an individual works hard to obtain and maintain a home. We also understand that some healing is promoted at home, where the patient is most comfortable. We want to educate our patient, who have questions regarding health care. We resolve our client’s questions by offering a website full of questions and answers, a blog, and a full news section to keep patient up to date. We care for our patient in the home, at all ages, to keep our patient comfortable and to promote healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Allied Community Health HOME CARE  is determined to provide only the best in-home care and patient education possible.